Third-Party Software Integration

This article lists CodeSonar's third party software integrations, with links below.

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Built-In Integrations

The integrations in this section ship with CodeSonar.

Warning Detection

Integrations with the following warning detectors are built into CodeSonar.

  • Clang Static Analysis: (C, C++) CodeSonar projects can incorporate information obtained by observing the execution of the Clang Static Analysis and importing its SARIF output.
  • Pylint: (Python) CodeSonar projects can incorporate information obtained by observing the execution of Pylint 1.7 or later and importing information about the warnings it issues.


CodeSonar ships with integrations for the following Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). See the linked documentation sections for configuration and usage information.

  • Eclipse: See https://[hub_location]/install/codesonar/doc/html/Building/Eclipse/Overview.html.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio:See https://[hub_location]/install/codesonar/doc/html/Building/VisualStudio/Overview.html.
  • As part of CodeSonar 7.1p0, an extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is available from the Visual Studio Marketplace: The extension will allow you to view the results of a single analysis or compare the results of two analyses in VS Code, see KB article for more information.

Project Management

CodeSonar ships with integrations for the following project management tools.


We provide instructions for integrating CodeSonar with the following SSO authentication platforms.

  • Keycloak: See https://[hub_location]/install/codesonar/doc/html/Tasks/HubWeb/ConfigureKeycloakAuth.html
  • Okta: See https://[hub_location]/install/codesonar/doc/html/Tasks/HubWeb/ConfigureOktaAuth.html.

External Integration

The integrations in this section are provided on third-party sites: they do NOT ship with CodeSonar.

Continuous Integration (CI)

Customized integrations are available for the following CI tools. We also provide general-purpose instructions for integrating your CI tool with CodeSonar, see https://[hub_location]/install/codesonar/doc/html/CI/CI.html#typical_setup.

  • AnthillPro: A community-developed plugin is available
  • Hudson: See https://[hub_location]/install/codesonar/doc/html/CI/Hudson.html.
  • Jenkins: See plugin which is available

Project Management 

  • GitHub:  See Documentation and links for downloading the integration kit
  • GitLab: See Documentation and links for downloading the integration kit
  • JIRA Server: See Documentation (available for versions 6.0-6.4.14 & 7.0.0-8.14.1) 
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