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The CodeSecure Support Portal brings together all of our customer needs including; search for answers, review release notes, find product installers, submit a new request, or review your ticket activity.

New to CodeSecure Customer Support?

If you're reading this without having logged in to the portal, you're able to access some of our support content but you'll need an account to see product specific content and to create tickets.

Support Portal Home Page

  1. Resetting your password
  2. Submit a request
  3. My Activities
  4. Shortcuts
  5. Navigation
  6. Knowledge base
  7. Promoted articles
  8. Resources
  9. Searching for help

Resetting your password

If you have a Google or Microsoft account you may use the options on the left side to login. If you don't then you just need to reset your password if you haven't received an existing invite. If you fail to receive an invite and need an account please let us know by sending an email to support@codesecure.com

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Submit a request

  1. Click the Submit a request link on any portal page
    Note: Please see Before you submit a Ticket... for guidelines on the information we need to assist you efficiently
  2. Enter a Subject
     You can email a support request directly to support@codesecure.com but we gather more information to get right to work on your request if you use the portal form.




The portal displays a list of suggested knowledge base articles based on what you type in the subject. If you include a few details in the subject, such as the product name, it will make the suggestions and later searches more effective.

  1. Enter a Description
    The more information you provide, the more efficiently we can route and fulfill your request
  2. Select a Product from the drop-down list
  3. Depending on the product you select, you may see additional fields
  4. Priority, Product Version, and Reason are required fields
  5. Signature Text, Customer Reference Number and End Customer are optional
  6. You may add CC email addresses at the top of the form
  7. Add any relevant attachments and please note there is a file size limit of 25mb. If you have something larger please add further comments in description and alternative arrangements will be made available. 
  8. Click Submit

My Activities


  1. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the portal
  2. Select My Activities
  3. You can filter on Status and search by Ticket ID or Subject  
    More information about Status values
  4. Once a ticket is solved, you may reopen it within four days by adding a new comment. If you need to follow up on a ticket after it closes, you can create a related ticket that refers back to the original
  5. Click Requests I'm CC'd on to view tickets you've been added to
  6. You can also view a list of knowledge articles or sections you're following
    See How to: Follow a Help Center Article or Section


Some users have the ability to view all tickets for their organization. If you would like this permission please submit a request and we'll provide access.



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Shortcuts provide a high-profile way to promote knowledge content and also fast track you to the articles that will help with your user experience.

Navigation bar

At the top of the support portal you'll find a navigation bar which lists out all sections and categories. This provides a quick and easy mechanism to find topics around the portal. 


Knowledge base


    • Cross-Product Information
    • CodeSonar
    • CodeSentry

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Depending which category you choose, new sections will appear detailing what options are available.

The Promoted articles section draws attention to content that is of high value, urgency, or otherwise deserves to be called out


This is where you can pull further information from the CodeSecure corporate website. These resources will help ensure your applications don't have eradicate defects that impact security, quality and reliability. 


Searching for help


  1. Type the search text in the Search... box
  2. The portal displays possible matches as you type
  3. Click on an article links to open it
  4. Press Enter or click the orange Search button to load a results page
  5. Click on an article link to open it
  6. Bread crumbs and left-side navigation show the current location and allow you to easily backtrack
  7. The right-side Table of contents lets you navigate to sections of an article where HTML headings are included
  8. Links within articles display in orange
  9. Click the Follow button in an article or section to be notified of changes or new articles
  10. Followed articles or sections display an Unfollow button

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