Before you submit a ticket

Requested General Information

Please provide the following information about your issue:

  • The product name with which you face an issue or have questions
  • The product version 
  • The reason for contacting us 
  • Version numbers of any relevant third-party integration tools  
  • Signature Text (found in CodeSonar installation directory – signature.txt) 
  • The priority, based on the business impact and/or criticality of the issue 
  • Any log files related to parsing and analysis, project files, command line parameters, and compiler version and all compiler settings where applicable 

Describe the issue

The completeness and detail of the issue description is important for helping our support engineers solve your issue quickly and efficiently. Please provide us with the following information as relevant:

  • What were you trying to accomplish?
  • What steps did you execute that resulted in the issue?
  • What result did you expect?
  • What was the actual result?
  • What output did it produce? Can you send a dump file, or screenshot
  • What is the most recent change in your environment? Examples are:  Upgraded from version X to version Y, installed a patch, integrated a new plugin version, reinstalled a new OS, and so on.

To reduce the time spent going back and forth, we ask you review the knowledge base sections where you’ll find a wealth of information including troubleshooting advice. 


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