Functional Safety Certifications


Static analysis is an important technology for developing software that needs to achieve high levels of functional safety. CodeSonar is pre-qualified for the highest levels of safety for the IEC 61508, ISO 26262, and CENELEC EN 50128 standards by Exida. Artifacts for qualification according to DO-178C / DO-330 are also available.

Given the increased use of software in mission-critical and safety-critical applications it’s critical that software follows standards that specify how developers should write code to increase its readability and reliability. CodeSonar automates both the detection and prevention of critical software defects. Some of the use cases include:

  • IEC 61508Functional Safety of Electric / Electrical / Programmable Electronic Safety-Related Systems
  • ISO 26262 (Automotive software) – Road Vehicles Functional Safety
  • DO 178C / DO 330 (Airborne systems) – Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification / Software Tool Qualification Considerations
  • IEC 62443 (Industrial systems) – Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems
  • IEC 62304 / ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) – Medical Device Software – Software Life Cycle Management / Medical Devices – Quality Management Systems. Requirements for Regulatory Purposes
  • EN 50128 (Railway systems) – Railway Applications. Communication, Signaling, and Processing Systems. Software for Railway Control and Protection Systems

The following documentation and safety kits are available at an additional cost. If you don't have access to the topics below then reach out to your sales representative or email

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