OpenSSL 3.0.7 Patch


The OpenSSL Project has released a security fix, in version 3.0.7, which has been categorized as “HIGH” and affects version 3.0.0 to 3.0.6. The advisory can be found here and has been split into two CVEs:

  • X.509 Email Address 4-byte Buffer Overflow (CVE-2022-3602)

  • X.509 Email Address Variable Length Buffer Overflow (CVE-2022-3786)

CodeSentry SCA can help find the usage of OpenSSL, flagging the currently affected versions. Please liaise with your sales representative or email We've also written a blog post on this topic, see here.

CodeSonar 7 Family

We have analyzed CodeSonar and determined that versions 7.0 and 7.1 rely on a vulnerable version of OpenSSL. Our upcoming release, CodeSonar 7.2 will be patched to remediate this risk. Earlier versions that are vulnerable will be patched based on the schedule below.

Older Versions of CodeSonar

Versions released prior to CodeSonar 7.0 used OpenSSL 1.1.1 and are not vulnerable to this exploit. 

Patched Installer Updates

The following timelines for patched releases can be found below.


Patch Release Date


22nd November


22nd November


Not affected

We recommend that you check this page regularly for updates on the schedule. Our current supported versions of CodeSonar can be found here.


Should we stop all hubs that are running 7.x and below

No. If customers are not using HTTPS or TLS mode with Postgres or MASTER_USE_TLS then you can continue to use these hubs. If customers are running servers but those servers are only exposed on their intranet, and they trust the people on their intranet, and their intranet is secure, then you should not be concerned.

Note: the above does not apply if, someone has compromised your intranet or if a hub is running HTTPS and you have not accounted for it being enabled.


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